Elite Champion
name: Steven Stone
ID no.: 666-420-0069
class: Champion
nature: Quirky
money: ???
pokedéx: 202
stripedbandanas said: ₴ Steven, you're not looking too great. Maybe we should go see a doctor.

"Eh? What’s up with that?" He turned his head sideways to face the shorter brunette, "I don’t need a doctor when all I need is you." He smiled devilishly as his normally golden optics turned into a dark, blood auburn. He grabbed the smaller girl towards him, his grip tight around her waist.

"You’ll heal me right up, right, May-chan?"

ecruteakmystic said: ✏ - What if the position switched? Like Zane loves Morty and Steven loves Hana (Btw, we both love you two)

"If Zane tries to take Morty from me I’ll sue her entire family into bankruptcy." He smiles gently.


NO ROCK JOKES.........................................

He couldn’t recall her name;




He couldn’t remember what her profession was;



Gang Member?

All he could commemorate was the smell of her expensive perfume that suffocated him and the taste of her cherry lipstick smeared against his lips.

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you can’t suffocate my s p i r i t
     cause i’m the
king of my own throne

                               you’ll never see me l l ɐ ɟ

                                                watch me reign
                                                                and i’ll s̺̘̠̣̘̀̏ͤl̶͔͚̱̳̭̖̟̒͒͛ͤ͂a͇̳̖̥͚͖ͣ͌̌ẙ them all


Her days in Magma only makes things harder and harder; dragging her into more trouble than she should be in in the first place. They make her cause trouble, but they are now stirring up trouble with her too. Ironic, isn’t it? How they jab her with debt reminders when she herself is jabbing others for cash. She is at a desperate point of her life and she struggles. She falls. Hard.

With her hands entwined with the purple locks of hair that hangs from her scalp, she tugs at them with stress and pressure closing in on her. She is on the verge of tears at this moment. Inhale; exhale; inhale; exhale. The breathing is supposed to make her feel better; help calm her down. The attempts fall to no avail, only doing the opposite. Her hands tremble with fear running down her fingertips and crawling back up her legs.

And back into the heart, they go.


            How she wishes to go back.
                    Back to those days.

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Steven looked up from his flat screen and pressed the home button on his game controller to pause his fight scene. Skarmory lifted his head off of his master’s lap, also curious by the knock that came to the golden eyed teen’s room. Looking at his phone and checking the time, Steven noted that it was 11pm almost close to midnight. He stood up and turned on the lights, momentarily blinding him since he was used to staring at a screen surrounded by darkness.


"Yeah?" He opened the door slightly, the dim hallway light seeping into his room. On the other side was a maid, her head bowed down and her eyes closed as she presented a letter with a on a silver platter to the lanky male. Without having to guess, the silverette already knew what the contents of the envelope was. The Stone family crest was stamped on the back, the two headed lion with their claws extended facing opposite directions.

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ecruteakmystic said: ❋ - Or more specifically Steven's the only one that is drunk since Morty doesn't drink but he tags along to make sure he's alright anyhow. Please and thank you!

"C’mon Stone," a voice echoed in his ears, making his head spin like crazy, "We’re at your place and the lights are still on. Your wife is probably up waiting for you."

"He -hic- he’s not my wife." Steven slumped against his front door as his drinking buddy scooted him off of his shoulder, "But he does make good wifey material."



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