bids a vegetable


tw: school
bids a rock


"No he doesn’t!!"

I bid you about half of my net worth. I've heard many a thing about you mr stone, like you know how to treat a lady~??

"Hmm? Half her net worth she says," Zane taps her pointer finger to her chin, "So far she’s the highest bidder can anyone else beat her?"


*steven is currently tied up to a chair*

Brendan bids his hat.

>looks at hat

>eats hat

I'm gonna bid 50,000 Pokedollars /and/ a Thunderstone! Wait, this isn't to get a battle with Cynthia! Which auction hall am I in?



*takes thunderstone anyway*

I bid Stevens entire fortune

"Wha?! You can’t use my own money to buy me! WHY AM I BEING SOLD AGAIN???"

My muse is auctioning off a date with them, in a charity auction. Come into my inbox to tell me how much your muse would bid!
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Title: Sweater Weather
Artist: The Neighbourhood
Album: I'm Sorry...
Child-rearing || Velren & Steven


Three days after his arrival in Lumiose, Velren finally decided to set off. This place was bigger and more confusing than Goldenrod back home even with a map. Many of the buildings were similar in architecture so stand out landmarks were few and far between. The sooner he left this maze of a city, the better. 

With Noctowl flying high overhead, Velren set out of the Route 5 gate for Camphrier Town. He adjusted his bag on his shoulder and took in his surroundings . A skate park filled with kids and teens wasn’t too far off from where he was now and their laughter carried across the path in the clean mid-day air. Sunlight streamed through the trees casting green-gold speckled light across the grass and dirt road. Various Pokemon that he hadn’t seen before scurried across the path. It was a far cry from the heavy storm that greeted him upon arrival to the region for which he was grateful.

Further along the path was a flight of step leading up a ridge. Here several trainers had gathered for friendly skirmishes. Attacks flew every which way. Velren was tempted to watch, but the heat of battle left a competitive edge hanging in the air. He had businesss to take care of and a fight would only slow him down.

Avoiding eye contact with the trainers that glanced his way, Velren turned toward Noctowl soaring high above and continued on to Camphrier.

Steven never really liked big cities such as Lumiose. Hoenn was quite a large region, but it was made up of islands so the sections were small. Kalos was a small region but it was made up of large mountains, lakes the stretched on for miles, and many busy people, very unlike Hoenn. Maybe that was just his opinion since he was raised in Hoenn and he knew almost everyone there.

New places meant knew adventures and what better off to start a new adventure with a new pokemon. A male baby Rilou with a bold nature that had the bad habit of running off without Steven’s consent and causing a ruckus with everything that moved was given to him via present from a fan of his. The Rilou was a handful for the Champion, but at the same time he wanted to challenge himself. He’s never raised a pokemon, besides Aron, from childhood to adulthood and so far he wasn’t doing quite a good job.

The blue fox kept running off, getting itself hurt and causing trouble for the silver haired man. It was hard to hide his identity when you had to apologize to person the fox bashed its head into. The honey eyed man wanted over come this challenge so badly, he felt weak if he gave into such a small matter but his patience was running out.

"Riolu!" Steven barked out, tugging his hat down so the bill would hide his usually metallic eyes, "Please come back!" He hastily ran after the pokemon who seemed to have no care in the world, running around bumping into people’s legs and eventually causing them to fall resulting in a very flustered Steven having to bow his head down to common people (not that he minded). "Urgh…" Pearly, straight teeth grit down in impatience as he tossed out his Aegislash and ordered the sword like pokemon to chase after the fox.

A smile of victory stretched across Steven’s lips as Aegislash closed in on Riolu until the blue pokemon spotted the sword and began to run off faster, eventually crashing into a near by person.

"Aw crap!" The lean man called out in annoyance before he ran over to the man and his Riolu who had fallen onto it’s bottom. Clearing his throat and putting on his best Kalosian accent he smiled at the man, "Hey, sorry about that. He’s not the most behaved pokemon now is he?"

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