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The longest time Steven has stayed awake for was probably 2 and a half weeks. He doesn’t feel fatigued as much as he did in the past maybe because he’s so used to staying up late.

I have to sleep for at least 10 hours and then a couple side naps. Me in the morning without a rest is like super annoying and you might just want to uppercut me.


by はせこ


by はせこ




http://reuniclus.tumblr.com/post/96384848860/by-ende reuniclus

らくがきまとめ by ende

steven stone confirmed weeaboo

steven stone confirmed weeaboo


by 黑cross红


by 黑cross红

The Rolling Stone || mossyrock


Upon arrival, N paused to bask in the glory of the Dragonspiral Tower. This was where he made his first encounter with the legendary dragon. It seems so long ago that it happened. It was amazing how the course of events had led him to a path that so differed from his original thoughts about his destiny. He felt a painfully sweet nostalgia, looking up at the spinning tower. 


"This is it… This is where we first met. I summoned Zekrom here. I thought I was a hero because of that. But now I know that was nothing more than an idealistic dream… My ideal future was nothing more than a lie. I couldn’t understand them. Why would pokemon ever like people? It was just inconceivable at the time. But I think Zekrom really helped me understand a little more about the relationship between humans and their pokemon," He said absently. Zekrom was the pokemon of ideals. He thought they were a perfect match but N was arrogant enough to believe there wasn’t someone better than him. Still, although it crushed his heart to be rejected, at least he could proudly proclaim he befriended the pokemon. Only he could understand Zekrom.

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"Oh?" Steven glanced up at the large stone monument that stood rigid with age at the entrance of the tower. A lithe hand reached forward to touch the stone, but a low growl of warning came from the steel trainer’s companion. Expensive eyes sparkled with laughter, "I know that it’s a pokemon, Metagross," he patted the head of his supercomputer, "A Golurk, if I recall correctly." He pondered to himself about catching a fine and rare specimen as a Golurk and examine it further in his headquarters in Hoenn then he realized how far N had walked. Drowning his sorrows, he steeled himself and chased after the minty haired man.

The spiral staircase that coiled itself in the middle of the tower, reaching for the heavens was what caught Steven’s attention next. Although it was old and chipping, the stone still seemed sturdy and able to hold together even with the lines of statue-like Golurks that decorated the edges. He could feel his heart beating faster at the thought of further venturing the details of this mystical place, but alas Mr. N’s brisk pace left Steven no time to drool at the magnificent architecture.

The tall man noted that many pokemon tried to gather around the green haired trainer, but Metagross’s menacing presence made them freeze in their tracks. Steven could tell that these pokemon were very fond of N and he truly wanted them to enjoy their time with the mysterious man, alas his partner was already giving off a vibe of “don’t you dare put me in the pokeball you idiot, what if you do something stupid?” Silently apologizing to all the small critters he passed by, he sealed his lips shut.

After climbing what seemed to be an infinite number of steps, Steven felt the duffle bag he flung over his shoulder begin to feel incredibly warm. Thinking it was just him getting bothered by the long trek, he tossed his suit jacket onto Metagross who silently did nothing. Leaving him in a vest and dress shirt, the pale haired man still felt the bothersome heat on his back. Irritation filled him up to the extent of dropping the bag and finding a burning hole in the bag.

"What? Ok." Steven mumbled to himself as he tugged the zipper, opening the bag. The dark stone was covered by a mysterious, burning aura. "Hey, N," the Hoennese man called over his shoulder, "something is happening to the stone."

The Parallel || Fairy Tail AU || Yancy & Steven


Oh, Steven.  Always so loud.  But he did always make an entrance, Yancy had to give him credit for that.  She liked this side of him.  Always the cheery one.  It made her have good spirits as well.  Upon seeing him enter, she rolled her eyes at him and sighed, returning attention to her food.  Late as always, Steven.  When wasn’t he late?  She knew to expect this from him.  So she wasn’t at all angry.

This was their usual routine, in a sense.  They would have a job.  Yancy would make her way to the guild hall or to the train station—wherever they were set to meet—and she would wait for Steven… who wouldn’t be there.  He’d arrive late.  Apologize.  And she would forgive him, simple as that.

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Steven’s golden sharp eyes sparkled with delight and love as he was offered the generous amount of food. Although he didn’t particularly like other food things besides metals (since he really can’t taste anything else besides that precious metals) he thanked the pinkette with a simple animalistic nudge of his head towards her and took the seat besides her. Within seconds he was wolfing down the food, messily as he could possibly do, and spoke among his guild members.

"You wanna hit the road now?" Steven mumbled through a mouthful of Yancy’s silver fork, "Cuz since I was late, we might not be able to make it to our destination in time." Yancy nodded her head in understanding and began to pack up her things. The silverette dragon slayer swung his large bag behind him like it weighed like nothing and stomped over to the entryway.

"Bye you guys!" He waved his hand out as his pink haired friend followed after him. A loud chorus of goodbyes could be heard behind the duo of wizards as the large wooden doors to their beloved guild closed behind them.

A large force hit Steven and he was found pressed onto the floor with a heavy weight of gravity keeping him down. Without a chance to cry out a sound of confusion or worry, he was flung into the darkening sky that hovered over his city. Steven could barely keep his shining golden optics as razor sharp air whipped at his face and broke the skin of his cheeks with clean cuts.

The last thing he recalled was a small, pale hand, reaching out to grab his.


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16: Upside-Down Kiss


"Steven Stone!" The brunette girl yelled angrily, stomping her foot as smoke puffed out of her ears, "Get your butt here right now!"

The said man was currently hiding in the tree that hovered over the girl, trying so hard to suppress his giggles. He watched with devious golden optics as the professor’s daughter grumbled all to herself. At one point, she huffed through her nose so hard that a booger flew out.


Absolutely fucking losing it, Steven doubled over in laughter, catching himself from falling as he linked his under knees to the tree’s branch. Exposed to the brunette girl, he flinched back waiting for the fist to connect with his face but was instead greeted with a flushed May. Smiling to himself he leaned forward a bit, planting a sweet kiss on her pecha berry flavored lips.

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