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Steven x Red

"Man! Who ever said that being a Champion is easy knows jack squat!" The pale maned man slammed his beer can down on the wooden table besides him, causing his other empty cans to rattle. He sat on a wooden chair next to his fellow (ex) champion of Kanto who was mute as he always was. They stayed at a cabin that the Hoennese man built for Red since he the weird kid does live on top of a constantly snowing mountain.

He watched with molten honey eyes as the thinner male took a reserved sip from his can. Unlike Steven’s monster of a pile, Red managed only to down 2 cans in the last hour.

"You really don’t talk much do you?"

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Where are you? I miss you like crazy. What made you turn this way? Was it me? I wouldn’t dare blame this on you. I guess people really do change. But the last person I wished to change, was you.

          The teacup rides get lonely, you know…

Sorry, but this mobile unit has been disconnected.

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"I’d like to thank Arceus for creating this world in which we share. For my Mother who birthed me into this wonderful world. And to you, Anon, oh beautiful Anon, for your continual support."

*blows kisses*

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The Rolling Stone || mossyrock


A thoughtful expression was pressed against his curving lips. It was clear he was reminiscing, affected by the miner’s words. If only he knew how painful it was to leave his friend. But N knew more than anyone that it was necessary. That the hero needed Zekrom more than N, even if N wanted to believe otherwise.


"I wish that was possible but it wasn’t… I’m glad it’s okay though…"

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Steven held back a snarky come back of 'I know' as the forest maned man complimented the state of devotion his pokemon were in, instead he reflected a grateful smile as he placed a loving hand on his Aegislash’s head. “Aegislash is my newest member, but he already proves himself as if he were born to me from the beginning.”

The sword and shield like pokemon rolled its one eye before it touched the capsule latched onto Steven’s hip and allowed himself entry into his own pokeball.

"He’s got the attitude I must say…"

"Zekrom… you say?" Gilded orbs looked down at the precious bundle placed gingerly on his lap as his mind process through the many archives filed away in his head. "The old dragon of ideals, Zekrom, and you’re telling me," he looked over to the minty haired man, "that this legendary being chose me? Huh."

Metagross shuffled uneasily underneath Steven as if sensing the massive amount of power that seeped through the dark orb.

"I am extremely intrigued now Mr. N," he watched with excited eyes as the slim male climbed on top of his steel partner, "as to why I was chosen by this heroic pokemon of legend, I’ll have to ask you of the details. I’ve traveled almost everywhere, but Unova I have not touched. It seems to be the farthest region from Hoenn."

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Steven and Morty love to cuddle. At first they both slept on the same bed, backs towards each other but little by little did they yearn for warmth. Steven is insanely in love with how Morty feels on his hands, how his figure perfectly molds into his. The scent of the blond as well as the heat he generates, a second doesn’t pass where the Hoennese male doesn’t ponder about those things. Steven is addicted to the warmth of his blond love as well as the golden silk plains that are his hair. He worships every bit of the Ghost type trainer and secretly wants to monopolize him.


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//whispers "do u like 5 sauce"

yeah i like 5 sauces: ketchup, mustard, soy sauce, olive sauce, and the sauce of children’s tears

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Title: She Looks So Perfect
Artist: 5 Seconds of Summer
Album: 5 Seconds of Summer

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"Ah!" Steven’s smile brightened as he was engulfed by the younger trainer, "Aw!! Brendan!!"

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